Where was I on 09/11/2001?


Just another day…so I thought…

I was at work on the 5th floor of 111 Fulton Street, which is 3 blocks away from the World Trade Center site.

I was speaking to a client at my desk when, I heard a loud bang and felt my seat shake. At first I looked around and thought the elevator had fallen through the elevator bank and tried to ignore it. My colleagues and I all looked at each other as we all felt the rumble, and thought it was probably the elevator. My heart and mind thought otherwise; and, so my curiosity led me to the window in the kitchen facing Fulton street.

Upon looking to the street I could tell something was off, as there was a larger crowd than usual. I had seen the street full of people on their way to their destinations before, but not like this. It was almost instantly that I looked up and to the right when I saw flames and smoke coming out of WTC 1 – better known as the North Tower. I thought to myself; what could possibly have made this happen? I instantly recalled 02/26/93 when the WTC was first bombed, and prayed that this was not another incident.

Taking a few moments to try to assess the situation, I remembered my Sony digital camera I had recently purchased. So I grabbed my camera, and went back to the kitchen which was now somewhat crowded with co-workers.

The following is the video I captured from work on 09/11/01; but please be advised that it does contain profanity, as it was a very emotional moment.

RIP to all those we lost that day.